Thursday, August 07, 2003

test run

originally an email to all my friends and family

Hello everyone! this is just a quick email to say that I have now safely arrived at Kamikatsu town. I will probably write a longer email on Sunday, if I can get into the school.

This is also a kind of a test to get all the people onto my mailing list who want to be on it.

Could someone email me Tom Kliewer's address? (steve or marv)

on a quck note, the two most significant things which have happened yet are that Real Madrid welcomed me to Japan at the airport. (Beckham was 6 feet away from me). the other thing is that a taifuu (taifoon) is currently drenching Japan. Right now it is Friday at 1:00pm, (Thu 11pm Wpg time) and we are told it will hit in earnest around 6pm. We are expecting between 450mm and 800mm of rainfall TODAY.

I am now only waiting for the rain to let up enough for me to go home, two blocks away.
Next week, I'll have to buy some rainworthy shoes. It turns out that my feet are just small enough to buy socks from the convenience store, so I should be alright.

and Japanese food is going to take some getting used to.

Other emails I don't have that I can think of: oral, benita, ...


mata nichiyoobi! (until sunday!)