Saturday, October 25, 2003

Xmas list

Originally an email to my dad. Posted it cos I felt like it. Xmas lists are to give ideas and a broad spectrum of options. Don't take this as though I was asking for all these things.

I really have no needs that I cannot fulfull here or do without. It is a 'First world' country, after all. So all I can put on a list is my wants.

The gist of it would be music, books, and food. Even when it comes to music I have access to a lot of stuff on the english version of

So, first on the list, seeing as how you are sending it by surface mail and not air:
1. Beer. Some good beer would be very welcome. Send cans. Maybe send a composite 6-pack and two tall cans. Like, 2 keiths, 2 Rickards Red, and 2 Sleeman's honey brown, and then 1 guiness and 1 Newcastle Nut brown.
2. Xmas stocking contents. We have always done xmas stockings. Don't send me the one you hang up, put it up at home. Just get a cheap stocking fromthe dollar store or Walmart, and fill it like you normally would. Then wrap it or bag it to hold the contents in.
3. Pictures/photos. Just a few, to see how you all look these days.
4. Any kind of sweets or potato chips are much appreciated. (I have a hard time not eating them all at once)
5. Another fruit of the loom thermal t-shirt. I have one, and it's great under a collared shirt in the cool classrooms. Another would be convenient. It's possible that they have them here in Japan, but I have not seen any. I like sweatshirts too, especially hoodies.
6. Aunt Jemima pankake batter
7. Kraft creamy/smooth peanut butter, the largest size.
8. A subscription to Print magazine (expensive) or a copy of the current issue (at times much more expensive than your average mag). It's my favorite magazine.
9. Music- I gave dad a list before.
10. Books - not sure what to ask for, maybe just walk into a Chapters or McNally and see if there's anything I might like. Honestly, I rarely know what I am going to like, and just kind of go on other people's reccommendations. I also pick up books on whims, but that is much harder to do here. Come to think of it, I have bought several books on whims and only read them much later... anyhow, difficult to do here. I think the best way to describe what I like in literature was something I wrote on a sketchbook cover once: "I like stories." Even the leadership books I have really enjoyed have been held together by the stories the authors used to illustrate their points. I guess I can leave this one to your discretion, I'll eventually read anything you send me.

Ten items is good enough for a list, yeah? Should be enought to get you thinking.
Oh, and don't worry too much about getting it here before Xmas. Looks like I'll be going to visit Atsushi at that time, so I won't even be home for xmas. You know, when in Rome.


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