Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Re: emails

Originally an email

Yeah, I send messages back to myself from time to time, just so I can keep some kind of record of what I have said; I got doubles of all the mails I sent yesterday. It must be something to do with the computer at the Elementary school.

At judo last night I learned how to choke people and break arms. The arm breaking move is meant to be a submission hold, and Takagi-sensei said to perform it very slowly, lest you actually break their arm. the move would break the arm at the elbow. yuk. As it was, I wasn't applying enough pressure to Koji's arm; (koji is the grade 10/ 16 yr old black belt) and the sensei applied a little more pressure to show me what it should be like. Koji's arm made a sickening little pop sound, and I let go. He was ok, but I'll bet it hurt.

After we had tried all the holds, Takagi-sensei showed us how to counter them, and if there were no counters, then how to protect our throats and arms.

I think I'll cc this letter to everyone.


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