Thursday, May 27, 2004

profile for summer arrivals

Hi craig,
Here's my profile. I've included a small attachment for the little photo box in the corner (if you're doing that again) but I'm not sure if it will print well. If it doesn't photocopy well, let me know and I'll send something else.




Name: Matthew Shettler

Nationality: Canadian

Home (in Japan): Kamikatsu-cho

JET year: Going into my second.

Telephone: Yep.

Cellphone: Yep.

E-mail: Yep... oh, wait, am I supposed to tell it to you? 08854-4-6333, 090-4788-2329, and

The 3 things that best describe me: Christian, tall, moderately perspicatious.

3 Things to bring to Japan: 200,000 yen (or is that 200,000 things?), something from home to personalize your home and or car, and hopes.

Three things to leave at home: I don't know. I don't regret bringing anything I took, and I left a lot more at home than I brought with. Make a bunch of lists. You'll sort it out.

The most bizarre thing that`s happened to me in Japan: Earning a black belt in Judo after only seven or eight months of training.

The most baffling aspect of Japan: JET culture.

The highlight of my JET year: Pessimistic though I was, the musical was good times.

Most valued possessions in Japan: My translation trio (Canon Wordtank electronic dictionary, english to japanese furigana dictionary, "Essential Kanji" book), my car, my judo-gi, my mukade repellant, my drawing skills.

Top tip for life in Japan: Attitude is everything. If you look on the bad side, life sucks, but if you look for the positives, everything rules and there's always hope. Everyone can have a great attitude if they choose it.

Feel free to contact me about:
Being a Christian in a nation that has fewer than one christian in 100 people,
the massive blog-emails about my life in Tokushima (I could fwd them to you no prob if you want),
how to avoid dramatic culture shock

The highlights of my Gun:


Natural beauty, Tsukigatani onsen, the doll festival, the firefly festival, Gomi-ste, irodori, good roads, and so forth.


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