Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Knees are rotted cheese

So last year at around the end of January I started running. I got myself up to 5 km pretty quickly, and I would run 2.5 uphill and then 2.5 downhill again. I got really busy in April and ended up stopping, but then ran a 10km marathon in May. In June when I was back in Canada I went running with Phil a few times before he joined the Navy. One of those times, at around maybe the 3km mark my knee suddenly started screaming in agony. I have no idea why. Since then it has hurt pretty consistantly, especially when I am riding an airplane or bus, or driving my little car. Sometimes it hurts in judo too. Last week I hit it pretty hard balancing myself to prevent being thrown, and it swelled up. So I finally went to the hospital. The doctor said I need to see a specialist, and I am making an appointment to go after my family visits at the end of this month. Until that time, the doctor has said to go easy on my knee.

Aside from the running and my car, contributing factors may be the fact that I spend a lot of time sitting in the office rather than doing active things, or perhaps I have inherited that arthritis, or maybe have aquired tendonitis in my knee. The other knee also occasionally hurts. Twisting seems to be the bad thing.

Anyway, having mentioned about Phil being in the military, this is one of the lesser reasons why I will never end up in that field, short of say a conscript translator or something. Kinda sad, really. Only 24 and I have knee problems already.


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