Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The sotsugyosei and their tannin-sensei.

The sotsugyosei and their tannin-sensei.
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"The grads and their homeroom teachers."
Back: Hironobu, Yuto, Shinichiro, Masashi, Okubo-sensei.
Front: Haruna, Rieko, Bando-sensei, Masui-sensei, Yuki, Yoko, Kanako.

The two students who I helped with their speaches back in the fall, if you recall, were Rieko and Yoko. Along with them, the others of the group that I got to know really well were Mashi and Kanako through their journals they wrote for me, and Hiro because he was the one who talked the most. I used to play soccer on sunny (or at least dry) days with Hiro and Mashi at lunch. Yuki is really good at Japanese sign language, and she functioned like an assistant in that class. Shinichiro's English is not amazing, but he's really good-natured and often laughing. Haruna is a good thinker, and though her grammar was far from perfect, she found creative ways to say what she wanted with the words she knew.

They were an unusually quiet class, full of introverts, and at first they made me nervous. In the end though, they were a great group of kids and I already miss them.


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