Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Well, that's everything up until now.
Please ignore the dates at the bottoms of all the posts before this one, just look for indications within the posts themselves. From this post forward the dates will be reliable.
The sooner I can think of enough stuff to fill seven posts, the sooner I can get those puppies offa my page.

Now I just need to work out some way of hosting photos and start posting pics from my camera phone up on here.

And so I ask myself, do I try to post all about my xmas vacation etc on here next, or do I try to do one last massive email before I switch over to this for good?


This was the post that I made after I first loaded all the emails onto this page, which was indeed more work than I had expected. Now that I have set the dates and formatted the posted emails, this post will seem a bit odd, but why not keep it for the sake of historicity?


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