Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Conflicting Goals" or "The Mounting Frustration"

1.) You should save as much money as you can, because who knows when you will ever have this much un-taxed liquid cash again. This is the best opportunity to start on saving for your retirement.
2.) You should buy a larger car, because you don't want to do any permanent damage to your knee.
3.) You should buy a computer so that you can get ready for finding your next job. You will need to prepare your portfolio and resume for a graphic design company, after all.
4.) You should take advantage of living where you do to travel around and see more of the world.
5.) You should make the most of this opportunity to learn the local language. Communication is important.

And then there are more things on top of that. There is no way I can do 2, 3, and 4 without totally annihilating 1.

Sometimes I really wish I knew why I was here. People have asked me a lot, I have asked myself a lot, and still I am no closer to an answer.


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