Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How could I have the blues when the world is so beautiful?

So the dream is over. And just begun. My sister left a week ago yesterday and my parents went back 5 days ago. I think that had the trip been less jam-packed with activity I would feel more sad that they are gone. And the fact that it is currently the most cheery and beautiful season of the year in Japan helps too. The day my parents left (they left on a bus at 8 am) I read the two books my dad left behind: Rain Fall and Hard Rain. They were quick reads, okay for mass market fiction. They are tokyo hitman novels. The following day was spent mostly reading manga. If you get a chance to read the science/mystery manga called 20th Century Boys, it's well worth the time. I think there's even and english scanslation on the internet somewhere.

And I have also done the neccessary seasonal event: 花見 [hanami: flower viewing]
This entails sitting under loads of gorgeous spreading soft-looking trees full of sakura (cherry blossoms) and eating food. Fortunately my parents got to see a few of these trees at the beginning of the season before they left. Unfortunately the trees really came into full bloom two or three days after they were gone. There is little that is quite like having your neighborhood and town suddenly naturally transfrormed into a festival of pink and white, soft, and happy-looking prettiness. Add to that weather that is suddenly 20 degrees C or warmer every day. What do you get? A Matthew that just can't be sad. The only disappionting thing is that my family is no longer around to share it with. Oh well, you can't have everything. But apparrently you can have a lot. I'll post a pic or two later.


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