Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Second Opinions

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So I went for a second opinion and found out this time what is REALLY wrong with my knee, and much to my relief, it is nothing as severe as a damaged ligament. Ligaments don't recover on their own, but they also don't get damaged gradually; only suddenly.

My second opinon was from a doctor who spoke some English. I think that fact alone made him more confident to understand my Japanese. Also, I had thought of some other things to mention since the first opinion. The result? It would seem that my knee is suffering as a result of undue tention in my quadroceps (thighs) and in my hamstrings. If after a month of regular stretching (a couple times a day) I still have a problem, then we will do an MRI scan to see if I have a "shelf."

A shelf is a little knob of flesh that protrudes into the membrane that surrounds the kneecap area. Everyone has it, but in about 20% of people it is unusually long, and can get pinched between the kneecap and the femur. They have treatments for this as well.

That's the long of it. The short is that I have a lot more peace of mind than I did a couple days ago.

As for reducing the stress on my knee, he advised that I get a larger car. I guess everyone was right when they laughed and said, "That car is too small for you!"


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