Thursday, April 07, 2005

So I found out what is wrong with my knee.

Although my consultation with the doctor was conducted all in Japanese, having now looked up ligaments on the internet, I can pretty confidently reiterate in English what he was trying to tell me in Japanese. I don't have the neat little model that he had, but I do have this picture:

knee illustration
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After examining my knee by pushing and pulling and twisting it in different ways he showed me what was wrong using the model to demonstrate. My Anterior Cruciate Ligament has loosened. This is not the kind of thing that will ever heal, but if I strengthen the surrounding muscle, that will compensate well enough. If I continue being active without strengthening the surrounding muscle (which I have for about a year), I could damage the cushioning cartilege (lateral meniscus in the illustration) that rests on top of the tibia (shinbone). So I have probably damaged it already.

Reading about it on a webpage I suspect that the wear leading to the damage was incurred last winter and spring, when I was doing a lot of running up and down hills. I would do 2.5 km uphill and then the same back down. It never occurred to me that I might damage my knees on the easy part going downhill.


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