Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Critters and I

Simon came and went, another spider of like size came and then decided to spend the night in my shower room, so I kicked him out, and now I have a third little friend spider crashing my pad. He's not as big as the other two were, (which makes me suspect the others might have been female. Simone?) and he's a lot more energetic. Maybe he's just younger. Anyways, being that extra half inch or so smaller makes all the difference: he's more appropriate to the size of my apartment. And he really gets around. When I woke up yesterday he was clinging to the corner of the wall near the foot of my bed. Last night while I was watching a movie he came out of my room, ran accross the wall one way, back accross the floor and into my room againg, out and all the way over to under the couch, off into the kitchen, and then spent the remainder of the night scampering around the storage room.

They say of good roommates, "Muri shinakutte mo ii." Which is like saying "It's good if there's nothing you need to put up with." The personalities of the last two spiders were a bit grating, I guess. And the way Simon just floated along silently was at times disconcerting. The spider who followed Simon liked to just sit on the wall and stare at me. Now, I'm all for being the center of attention, but I like conversation. Just staring is kinda boring.

So I think I'll let this latest spider hang around if he feels so inclined. The thing is, I haven't thought of a name for him yet. If you had a spider roommate to name, what would you call him?


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