Sunday, June 26, 2005

Settlers Bonanza

On Saturday night seven of us got together to play a bunch of games of settlers. In the previous four to six weeks of gaming, I had won only a single game, so my hopes were quite low, especially when it came to facing Dion and Brian, who win a lot. In the first game I felt like I was struggling to keep up, and when I mentioned that on my turn, someone was like "but you have the longest road!" and I was like, "Really? Oh yeah!" and flipping over a victory point I said, "Then I guess I win." Which shocked me about as much as anyone else. I wasn't even thinking about that as part of a strategy for winning. Talk about tunnel-vision. You'd think I'd learn, but in the second game I played, I once again forgot I had longest road, and won suddenly and to my own surprise in exactly the same way again. In the final of the three I played, the desert was in the middle, and it was a four player game.

Too bad Battur was moving... Me in yellow, Jonny Lawless to the left of me, Joe with his back turned, Dion accross from Christine, Brian taking the photo.

It was a very long game, and good placement and not getting screwed in the initial placement helped. But the fact that Battur was being a total jerk to Jon took away all the hatred from me, which was nice. It was close, because Battur's cold plotting almost enabled a win for him, and Joe was so so close to winning, but then I got like three rolls of the dice I needed and no thief, and was just able to win. I think the last one was a two and a half to three hour long game. Shocking. More shocking though was the fact that I won. Three times. In the same night! I'm STILL flabbergasted. I gotta say, though, credit's gotta go to God, because the rolls of the dice went amazingly my way in all three games. I really couldn't have asked for better. You know what it says, "The lot is cast into the lap, but it's every decision is from the Lord." So thanks God!


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