Monday, July 25, 2005

Plan B, Plan C, and maybe Plans D, E, and F.

So Tom is arriving this afternoon by plane to Osaka.
This would normally be no problem except that there has been a typhoon passing through.
Fortunately we had arranged to chat yesterday afternoon (2am for him, five hours before he was to fly), so we were able to make several back-up plans in the event of the plane being delayed too much for the bus to tokushima, etc etc etc. Thankfully, the flight tracker on my computer is working fine now, and I can see that his flight is only 15 or so minutes late. But more than that, I can see on the typhoon tracker site that the typhoon is passing by osaka instead of going over it. So no problems with the plane landing, and the bridge should be open for the bus to cross. A releif to say the least. We didn't need all those back up emergency what-if plans, but I'm glad we had them anyhow.

Now that my worries are put to rest, it's time to go home for some lunch!


At 8:42 p.m. PDT, Anonymous becks said...

hiya matt!! how's life? fancy meeting you on an online blog. :) check out mine...not as exciting as yours i'm afraid.
we miss ya...when are you coming home?


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