Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Marking Summer B-Notebook Entries

The B-note is where the students write their journal entries. I have been going through them all day today, as it's the first day of school and they hand in a lot of their summer homework today.

Here are some samples from third year student Miss Marina Yamanaka, to give you a taste of what they are like. Marina wrote more entries (34 in 40 days) than any other student this summer. These are exactly how she wrote them, line breaks, grammar, spelling, capitalisation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Wednesday, August third

Today is sunny.
It was hot.
I went to hairdresser, to cut my hair.
I studied society. Because I forgot it recently.
I watched animation.
It was "Star Corby."
It was good.

Tuesday, August ninth

Today is sunny.
My relative came my home in the afternoon.
She said "My child will be marriage next year."
Child is twenty two years.
It was hot.
So I turned on the air conditioner.
It was cool.

Thursday, August eleventh

Today is sunny.
Recently I read same books.
My favorite book is it now.
Its title is "Satan is from today."
Its hero is "Yuri."
He's fiance is boy.
Because Yuri raced accidents.
So he's fiance is boy.

Monday, August fifteenth.

Today is sunny.
I went to Kochi with my family.
To play.
I took the corkscrew.
It was interesting.
I like corkscrew very much.
But I was tired.

Wednesday, August seventeenth

Today is sunny.
I was walking with my dogs.
My dogs kinds are "Shetto Land Seep Dog."
But I met a woman said, "Oh, those dogs are "Cory."
I wanted to said, "These dogs are "Shetto Land Seep Dog."

Monday, August twenty-second

Today is sunny.
I haven't went to school for a long time.
But I thought no kind.
I want to sleep, and play.
Summer rest is finished.
I think that lament.


At 6:50 p.m. PDT, Anonymous OOPHIL said...

makes me think of haikus...

today is sunny.


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