Sunday, September 11, 2005

more student journals

These are some entries from Kazuki Nakamura's summer journals. He handed it in today; better late than never. But he didn't date any of his work. >:(

kazuki's journal, originally uploaded by irodoramatic burnorama.


I went to secret place.
It was very cool.
I play in it place, Big snake find.
It was poison snake.
Because, killed.
It was very interesting


I didn't homeworks.
I did homeworks.
It was very many homeworks.
I studied math.
It was very tiead.
I went snake kill.
Because it is interesting.
I was four snakes kill.


many bee was my face.
I think die.
But no a sting.
It was very happy.
I studied math.
I had a good time.
But very Bud Bays.


I suspect that the "bud bays" is meant to be "bad day." there is also an illustration of the bees all over the face like sesame seeds on a burger bun...


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The previous comment was posted by a program and was just an advertisement. Boo-urns.


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