Monday, October 03, 2005

Tachibana's matsuri

Mikoshi, originally uploaded by *junko*.

I remember writing about this last October, so I won't go into great detail again this time. We went, we watched massive wooden structures charge down the roads and collide, we enjoyed ourselves. I took video this time, too, because the photos just don't communicate the atmosphere as well as I'd like. This photo is nicked from my friend Junko's page.

The next day was the prefectural speech competition. Even though I didn't have a student who made it, I was interested to see how the girl who won in our county last monday, would do. Also, because I helped judge the kaifu county english speech competition last wednesday, I wanted to see how the two kids we picked would do. One of them came in second! The top three get to go to the national competition. There is also a shocking rumor going around that the girl who won didn't write her speech at all; the ALT was forced to do it. By the time I had heard that, it was so far from the horse's mouth that I couldn't tell you how true it is, but if you are an ALT and you are reading this, and your school wants to force you to write the speeches, ADAMANTLY REFUSE. It's not fair to the other kids. Thankyou.


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