Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hyperactive Sleep Deprivation

So I just had my two friday morning classes of third and first years, and the classes went fantabulously. That weird nervous hypertension that comes out when I get wickedly tired did indeed work to my advantage. It turned me into that gleeful singing dancing constantly moving funny voice speaking mock-superjet that I sometimes wish I always was. Aside from the fact that you can die from it, there are some positive sides to sleep deprivation. After I got back to my desk I marked the b-notes as quick as possible in case I fall asleep randomly at some point and forget altogether. Same goes for my prep for tonights eikaiwa class: I'm ready. My next class today is in the sixth period, and it's watching Mr Bean with the special ed kid, so it would be good if I found some shuteye between now and then. Three preps and a lunch hour. I also need to go to the post office and the bank. Maybe best to do that now before I fall asleep and rob myself of the chance.

Last night while I was wrapping presents I watched The Matrix three times. I don't think that is doing much to help the state of my mind.

A moment ago I was awoken by a student saying a gentle, "Good morning," who then asked if there were any other teachers in the office. Feigning consciousness and taking advantage of the percieved language barrier some of the kids still oddly feel exists, I looked around the office dumbly. It was pretty obvious that I was the only "teacher" here, even through my sleep clouded eyes. I asked him if I couldn't help him and he asked a question I didn't know anything about. Thankfully another teacher came in and he asked her and she said yes. Apparrently there is a box of scrap papers he wanted to raid the papers from.

Having a hard time keeping my eyes open. It's time to go for a drive. That always used to wake me up in uni. To the post office!


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