Thursday, November 10, 2005

Out of Shape

So last night I did my first all nighter since the spring and I am really feeling it today. Though I gotta say I kinda feel at home. The whole mix of feelings and the specific feel of this kind of weariness makes me feel like I am right back in university again. The morning shower and the particular feel of weary heat, the cat-naps that sneak up and take advantage of a free moment. The feeling of waking from one of those cat-naps and having no idea where you are or what just happened. Fighting to stay conscious while talking to someone or listening to a conversation. It's only 8:40. My back is sore with the unrested weariness of sitting of the floor working all night. I am filled with the satisfaction of a job complete and creativity exercised. I still have that last step lying ahead, but this time it is not the printers', but rather the post office. Oh yes, the thing I stayed up all night doing was wrapping Christmas presents. I also made 5 cds, and their covers. Well, cut and pasted their covers. Oops! Classtime!


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