Friday, November 18, 2005

A promising weekend

It's Saturday, and I'm at school teaching Monday's schedule and trying to pretend that this doesn't cut into my weekend. Nevertheless, the weekend looks very promising. Here's why:

1. There is no school lunch on weekends or holidays, so at a day like this the staff "shinbokukai" fund pays for us to get bento (box?) lunches. Today's is from a bento shop in Sakamoto, the nearer area of our neighboring town of Katsuura. Out of the different places we order bentos from, Sakamoto is my current favorite. Their konnyaku is spicy, and everything is always tasty. Oh boy!

2. I am going to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight

3. I am going to see it with seven other people. Perhaps we'll go out to a Gusto (if you're not in Japan, think Perkins) afterwards? I hate seeing movies alone. I like to talk all about it afterwards. I like to have people to whisper to a few times in the course of the movie. I like to have people around me whose reactions I can sense and share the experience with.

4. I have licorice (red twizzlers!) from Canada to consume at the movie. It's been my custom for a long long time in Canada to take twizzlers to a movie, and theatre films just don't seem the same without it. And no, I'm not the kind to buy beer at the theatre, though you can do that here.

5. On sunday we are playing another freeform game! Perhaps you recall me writing about it a year or so ago? Last time was an old west theme and I was the half brained deputy, but this time it's pirates and I'm the stuff British governor of Jamaica. Go Sir Percival Stanforth! My inspiration will be John Cleese. Your majesty is like unto a stream of bat's piss.

6. Monday is a day off in return for working today, and I will clean my apartment and wash the dishes for the first time in probably six weeks.

7. Tuesday is school but that night Brian is having a birthday party and we are going for a Viking dinner and following it with chocolate fondue!

8. Wednesday is a national holiday, and I am going hiking! It's been so long since I have had any real physical activity. Judo has been cancelled because the teacher got injured, and I wonder if it will ever get going again. Tom didn't seem all that keen at our last class...

9. Thursday is eikaiwa movie night at my place, and we will probably watch Good Will Hunting. I like eikaiwa movie night. It means people come and visit me at my apartment. It motivates me to clean, too, which is good, and it gives me ample notice to actually do said cleaning.

10. Friday may be school like Thursday and Tuesday, but that night I am going to see one of my favorite Japanese bands, FLOW, perform live! Yes!

11. Camping weekend!

Then all the fun comes crashing down because I have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) the following weekend, and you know that I won't have studied enough...

That was more than this weekend, but this weekend is the beginning of a chain of crazy fun events. It's like Christmas!


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