Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sleepless in Naruto

So right now it's 2:48 am on Wednesday night and I am unable to sleep. Also, I am lying on the spare futon in the spare room at Brian and Christine's place in Naruto. I'm not hooked up to the internet at the moment, but I'll backdate the post when I next get a chance.

So what am I doing at B&C's at three am on a Wednesday night? Well, I was shopping. Not here, but in Kitajima looking for something to get for my brother and dad for xmas. Im finding it really difficult. After a largely fruitless hour or so I sat back down in my car to try to figure out where to go next. It was about seven pm and I was a bit frustrated because it occurred to me that just about any place to buy gifts would be closing. Boooo-urns. I reclined my seat to give it some thought.

It was suddenly a little cold in the car, and the windows were a little foggy. I had fallen asleep. For four hours. I guess teaching at the elementary really took it out of me today– I already wrote about that on my j-blog, so if you can't read japanese, tough beans.

Anyway, it's an hour drive back from kitajima to kamikatsu, and it felt like I had pretty much wasted the evening. Hoping to drag some good from the waste I called up Brian and Xine to see if they wouldn't be up for some late night settlers board gaming, given that tomorrow is a holiday.

I suppose you can figure most of the rest out for yourself. But why not just drive home and sleep in my own cozy bed? Well, B&C are going up to Takamatsu tomorrow to do their xmas shopping, and I'm gonna tag along to see if I have any greater inspiration while I'm there. Maybe I'll find something nice.

In the meantime, it would be sweet if I could fall asleep, so that I can do tomorrow on more than just the four hours of parking lot sleep I had earlier...


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