Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Freedom comes on Mondays, sometimes.

There have been a lot of things I have wanted to blog of late, such as how the camping went, thoughts about Christmas cards, Chinese food served by cute Chinese girls and chocolate fondue, and what it is like to be a stuffy Brit held captive by pirates on some tiny island in the Carribean. I just lately haven't had the time or motivation when I get around a computer. And today is looking to be no exception.

Today is the first of December. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is on the fourth. That's pretty close. I wasn't feeling very confident until I went over to Jonny Lawless's place to study last night. He's doing the level one test this time around, the hardest. I'm doing level two. I've done some practice tests and been right under the passing line. Working through a bunch of the questions I got wrong in my grammar workbook, I think I've gotten some things straightened out. And when we went through his I was even able to get some of the questions right. (shock) Not many, mind you.

Anyway, today I did another practice test and passed! And the book I was using is said to be harder than the real test. Harder in the sense that you have to write out all the kanji, rather than multiple choice. But easier in the volume of reading being far far less. So maybe it balances out, but then the listening should put me over the top. So now I'm more confident. I'm still not going to ace the test, but I think I just might pass. (Or should that read 'hope?')

Yeah, so there are a few days left. I have Eikaiwa tonight, a friend's birthday tomorrow night (can you believe I'm going? I can't really, but tomorrow is tests again, so I have pretty much all day to study my heart out.), Saturday to fret, and Sunday is the test. I figure if I get all my fretting and worrying done on Saturday, then I'll be tired of it by Sunday and be able to just go at it.


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