Monday, December 12, 2005

School "Marathon"

Three kilometers along a wee road that follows the Katsuura river amongst falling snow, perfect for a run.

Today was the school marathon, though in Japan the word marathon is a broad term for any long run not doable in a solid sprint. It's been snowing solid since yesterday morning but the ground temperature has stayed largely above zero, so none of the snow stays. It's merely atmospheric. It falls and falls, and falls and falls, but it doesn't stay, not even on the trees. The ground even stays mostly dry. No puddles anywhere.

The last two years' runs have been on sunny mornings, so this was pretty cold as far as tradition goes. There were sunny moments though. We only had a week of practice, due probably to the fact that we have had two days of solid tests every other week for the last month and a half. As a result, there was no way I could beat my last years' times of 14:XX and 13:11. So I just enjoyed the run, looking at the scenery and feeling the snow on my face.

The boys all run 3 km and the girls run 2 km (of course some girls don't run) with usually the girls running first and the boys waiting until they end. Due to the cold this year, they started the boys first and then the girls only a minute later. That way nobody waits for 20 minutes after running.

I don't think I could fairly say that an amazing time was had by all, but a great time was definitely had by me.

And I'm starting to wonder if God is sending the snow just for me on account of my not being able to go to either Canada or Nagano this year. It sure is lovely. You've got to remember that here is a guy who loves Winnipeg winters. How can I complain if snow is falling? Ahhhh...


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