Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can you believe we're going through with it?

Yes, we are going to do the Lord of the Rings Special Edition Movie Marathon a month from tomorrow.
I would really like to do it at my place, but there would be some complications. The first is for the at least two people coming from way out west. It would be nice if they could come on Friday night, but given that I have decided to do it on the day right after school ends, the chances of PTA enkais accross the board are pretty high. Like I might have one that Friday night as well. Which would make it complicated for anyone coming that night. It would also make it complicated that day to pick stuff up for the party the following day. I might try to get a half day nenkyuu or something.

But if we end up having the enkai on the Thursday, it's better for me. That way I can duck out after an hour of it and go to my eikaiwa class. But possibly one of my favorite teachers is leaving this year, so if there is an after party, I'd really like to be going to it... Complications.

Even so, Kamikatsu really is the ideal place to have it, in my opinion. I like the idea of the following day being able to go for a hike up a mountain or a long walk along a river, to visit the two waterfalls (though that involves some driving), to maybe do the caves in Jiganji, to eat lunch at ikkyuu chaya, and of course to have a nice long onsen, hopefully after the caves this time (or did i never tell you about that whole experience with my sister last year?). And if everyone wants to crash, the campsite is just around the corner, and by that time the weather should be warm enough to camp without a second thought. And it's just a thousand yen to pitch a tent. Of course, I have enough bedding for three (including myself) and a mattress for one more, which could all count as five maybe if people squeeze. And then there is floor space for maybe four more, so we could pull it off if everyone wanted to stay the night and four brought bedding, I think.

Then the only complication is fridge space. I figure I could borrow some space in the school fridge for a day if it were for a roast chicken and some vegetables. I need to see if I can use a day of nenkyu to roast that chicken though, or have a REALLY early morning one of those days... depending which is the enkai one.

Chicken to roast, guacamole to make, lembas to bake, and the rest can be collected around that time. Cheese, nuts, fruit, bread and butter, wine, mushrooms, crackers and mystery meat et cetera. Things that need to be solved: miruvor, orc draught, ent draught, worms (soba or udon with food coloring?).


At 1:10 a.m. PST, Blogger Smitha said...

I'm assuming that Joe and I are the "at least two people" you're referring to. ;o) My school's enkais usually get out around 8 or so, and I can always leave a little early. We could always get into Kamikatsu a bit late, if you're all right with that. Jordan may make it as well, if he doesn't have prior plans already.

And my plans for that weekend have definitely been canceled, so I'm in. I hope it's all right that I haven't read LOTR in a few years and am a bit fuzzy on the details--I'll try to obtain a copy and do some prep work beforehand.


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