Monday, February 06, 2006

High Speed Internet More a Curse Than a Blessing?

So I was getting all excited about high-speed internet, knowing it will reach the school in the next two or three months. I have even been saving all my software updates. But now there's a catch. The school will no longer have its own server. There will be a server at the community center that all the school computers log on to. And they are going to set it to refuse personally bought computers. All the permanent staff will get computers for their desks, but that excludes me, the secretary, and the tea lady. So instead of meaning faster internet for Matthew, this will mean no internet for Matthew. Poor Matthew. Or maybe not. It sounds like there will still be two shared use computers, which for two years were what I was using for my internet access before I got my laptop this summer.

So I guess I'll have to buy myself a USB pen so that I can transport stuff from my computer to an office computer. I can still do all my typing on my computer, so there is no worry about my main blog suffering, but it may dissuade me from so much posting on my secondary, tertiary and qarternary blogs. Of course the upside is that it will result in me doing more study and real work at my desk, so I can't complain.

So I guess high speed internet is for me a benison wrapped in a frustration wrapped in a percieved blessing.


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