Monday, February 27, 2006

I wish my friends lived closer

It's Monday night, and it's the boringest night of the week. I wish everyone lived closer so that I could just drive for like 20 minutes, chill out, play a game of Settlers®, and come back home. As it stands, I have to commit to at the very least a 45 minute drive to anyone's house, and that takes an hour and a half out of my night just in transit. So then if I DO go anywhere, I always want to stay extra long since I've taken so much effort to get there. I'd say that's one thing to look forward to in going back to Winnipeg, but I expect to be without a car for the first six months, so maybe it will still be the same problem. Nuts.

So this pirate walks into a bar,
and he has a ship's steering wheel down the front of his pants.
The bartender notices the odd display and asks the pirate,
"Do you know you have a ship's steering wheel down the front of your pants?"
To which the pirate replies,
"Arrrr! It's drivin' me nuts!"


At 7:00 p.m. PST, Anonymous Julia Martens said...

Hey Matt, having now been a pirate for 3 months, I very much appreciate the joke, and the use of `Arrrr!`.


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