Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy as a bee.

So many things going on lately. Last week Thursday I went to the elementary graduation, which was a little more casual and cute than the junior high one, but maybe not so much as one might expect. On Saturday I went to see the musical again, this time at Wakimachi town's Odeon-za Theatre, which is an old kabuki theatre. Kabuki is a traditional drama style in Japan, lots of wild colours and personalities. So it's a beautiful old building with its own distinct atmosphere. Adding to the atmosphere the fact that this year's performance of Peter Pan is so outstanding, it really was a great show.
Monday was MY last day of classes, as Tuesday was a holiday (vernal equinox day) and I took Wednesday and Thursday off. On Monday night we'd had our staff Farewell Party (four teachers are changing this year). The after party (nijikai, literally second party) was at a karaoke joint and was by far the most unique karaoke experience I have yet had. I would say that for every five minutes of singing there were four minutes of talking between songs. We sat and ate and drank and talked and reminisced and also sang.

Following that I drove to Brian and Christine's place to crash for three hours before we all got up at sometime after 4 am. Why? We were being picked up by Colin and Jenni (and Jenni's brother Andrew, who was visiting) to get a ride to Osaka to watch sumo. With a little effort we found cheap parking for the day and still got there in time to get tickets for the cheap seats.
Cheap seats: $20
Normal seats (sold only in a set of 4 for): $1000
Of course there are a few levels between those, but you get the idea. And even the worst seats in the house are still pretty good.
So after safely getting our tickets, we went for breakfast as Subway. Then we walked around for a while, finding Andrew a hotel to put all his stuff at, went to Osaka's outrageous Spa World, two floors of public baths themed after various countries in Asia an Europe, lunched at a Mexican place in Shinsaibashi, and after watching fat men push, wrestle, and judo throw eachother around for two hours, we drove home. A very satisfying day. (Brian's version here)
I crashed at B&C's again. We played a VERY sleepy round of Settlers of Catan before bed, which Christine won decisively. And then I slept until noon while they had to go to school. How awesome is that! You appreciate your rest so much more when you know other people have to work. I did manage to do SOME preparation for this weekend's Lord of the Rings party though. And at 6:00 there was the formal PTA Farewell Party, which I had the good sense to drive to, lest parents and town councilmen ply me with beer for two hours. I prefer to be one of the few who actually eats his entire dinner. And some of other people's, too. [big grin]
But yesterday (thursday) was sooo nice. I roasted a chicken for the first time, and when it was done it smelled good enough to make a vegetarian think twice! Also, I had success on my second attempt at making lembas. And then I had the evening free to watch Napoleon Dynamite for the first time. Given how everybody raved about it, I expected to be really let down or bored, but I laughed A LOT. I think I still need to watch it like four more times before I will feel prepared to return to Canada though. I wonder how many other significant pop-culture events I have missed out on in the last three years? This at least was one I could see from across the pond.

So tonight the festivities begin! My apartment still isn't 100% clean, but it will have to do. Right after school I head out to start ordering and buying all the food for the main event tomorrow, as well as some stuff for the four or so people who are crashing at mine tonight. Ohhhh boy! It's gonna be great! Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday! Four days of stuff! Suweeet!


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