Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fast Breaking News!

1. I am officially finished with the Myers-Briggs Typology. I am from now going to attempt to excise it from my brain.

2. All of my regular internet access is scheduled to end at the end of April. All of it. I thought I would still have some access to email at school, but that may prove to be more complicated than I first expected. I am concerned that I may not get to blog as much as I should like either. I would plan to just type entries on my computer and then drop them into the blog, but I may not have much opportunity to actually connect my computer to the internet, and the computer lab computers at school don't accept usb memory sticks. So it could get complicated, and simplicity and convenience has been the main reason I post so much here. I guess I'm going to have to do a flurry of posting in the next couple of weeks in order to compensate.

3. I may not be able to fly the long way home after all, meaning no India/Germany/England trip for me this summer. All of my theoretical loopholes have been closed on me. My Board of Education guy Hiraoka-san is looking into one last loophole for me, but I think at this point it is doubtful. This means I will likely be back at the end of August.

4. The reason for the hiatus of the several three weeks was in brief:
- lord of the rings weekend
- boring week of nothing that sapped me of inspiration
- exciting week of travel and fun that kept me away from the desk (which I still plan on blogging about)
- busy first week of school
- planning easter party for my english conversation class
- taking Japanese language classes
- spring fever

5. Stalker girl called regularly until last Friday, and didn't come to the Easter service at church after all. I haven't answered her calls, not even once, since April third. She hasn't called in the last four days. Considering that she had been calling every day upwards of ten times, this is a good sign. I have been advised by the missionary who works at the church I go to not to ever answer her calls again, as her obsessive behaviour is indicative of deeper emotional or mental issues. Noted.

6. With the exceptions of Easter chocolates and Mos Burger, I am attempting to eliminate all chocolate and fast food from my diet for the next full year.

7. I am going to post a blog retroactively for April 3rd. Look for it below.


At 9:15 p.m. PDT, Blogger Tom said...

1. Say it ain't so! Why, though?

2. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. Blog into your computer and give them to someone else to post whenever they have time! It would be lame if we lost all contact for four months!

3. Those of us who benefit do our best to be sympathetic. :)

4. Having a life is better than having a blog!

5. YAY!

6. Maybe it would be better to do so until, say, a few weeks before you leave? You should get all your favourite stuff in the weeks leading up to departure (last chance for awhile!). When you get back will be... your first time here for awhile! You should eat what you want from here, too! Then, after AWHILE get back on the wagon. Weird for me to say this myself... I typically avoid ceremony in my own life... then again I probably avoid it for seeing it as a restriction, so maybe it makes perfect sense...

At 11:07 p.m. PDT, Blogger Fletcher said...

1. I finally read up on what Carl Jung was like. Myers-Briggs is based on his beliefs. Shocking. No wonder I've had several people say to me, "You know that stuff is based on Jungian psychology right? Are you okay with that?" And in my ignorance I presumed I was.

6. Life is more than food and drink, my friend.

At 3:49 p.m. PDT, Blogger Tom said...

1. Interesting. So the theory which seemed wise to you before is annulled by the man whose beliefs it was based on? Just playing devil's advocate...

6. Naturally, man does not live on bread alone... but he does live on bread. ;) I'm just saying, it's something to consider. For instance, one day I might have a reason to drink alcohol. I haven't done so to date, but I wouldn't sacrifice something I wanted just to keep the pattern going. You don't exactly need to decide now, though. Up to you, buddy!


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