Monday, April 03, 2006

Retroactively Posted

So much to write about.

So tonight I was sitting at my desk doing some planning and some study when the phone beside me rang. No call display on my home phone. Taking my chances I answered it and to my pleasure found it to be my friend John Wesley calling from India. He talked about the deliverances and healings that God had performed through them in the last few days, and other things going on with the churches there. He left me encouraged about preaching the gospel. Not five minutes after saying goodbye to him my cell phone rang. It was stalker girl. She has called about three times since last Sunday, and I have just been ignoring her. But the timing was so odd that I figured I ought to answer. What proceeded was not unlike the kind of conversations I have had with first year students from Kita High School at the English camp. Low level English conversation. Like someone who knows all the junior high english perfectly, but not really much more. You could say it was painful.
I felt like I should have been paid for that phone call. Whether it was because of just having talked to John Wesley, or because I felt bad about having coldly ignored her so many times, I let her use her English for practically an hour. That's like $60 value!
It was pretty tiresome and at times pretty annoying, but it's "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" and since I don't have any enemies per se, like a friend said recently, "my enemies are the people who irritate and annoy me." Not that I was thinking that at the time, just now in retrospect.

It's also a somewhat calculated second attempt. Here is my circumstantial evidence:
- She said she had just taken her second class at an English conversation school called Nova. Now was that just so she can try to speak English with me?
- She said she wants to learn English to do the working holiday program. Where does she want to go? Canada. (Yeah, could easily be coincidence.) And the best quote was, "Canada is Banff."
- "If I go to Canada could you [show me around]?" Quite forward for a girl who claims to be shy.
- "You could call me if you have time." But I have no need nor desire to call her. Not gonna happen, girlie.

So on asking why she called me so suddenly she said it's because she has no foreign friends. Right. Sure. Whatever. So I told her she should come to church, and there are lots of people there that she could talk to and practice her English with. She's been there once before, I don't think she's forgotten where it is. I think she was going to start making excuses not to come or to suggest something else, but then my phone started to emit its battery's death gasps (beeps) and that was it. So now I just have to make a point of not answering her calls for the next two weeks and I can be sure she'll come. So if it was of questionably poor judgement to let her talk at me for an hour, that last bit justified it. Now if we can just get the church praying for those two weeks, we might see something cool happen on Easter Sunday.


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