Sunday, May 21, 2006

Waterfalls, Gyoza, and Two Pretty Ladies Seeing Stars.

On Saturday Joanna and Lily came up to Kamikatsu. I took them around to see the two waterfalls, which were both spectactular since the week of rain had just ended that morning. We tried to do the caves, but there were four tour buses of people ahead of us, so no chance. We also ate lunch at Ikkyu Chaya and later had a dinner of gyoza from Miyazaki. Lily brought Choco-cro all the way from Kagawa with her, and we had that while enjoying sunbeams in the afternoon. We also watched people get hit in the butt with canes as punishment for laughing in a game where everyone tried to make them laugh. It was funny. And then we went for a drive up the mountain to gaze at the stars, which were nice and clear. There were even a handful of shooting stars. While of course any day I get to spend hanging out with a couple of pretty girls is already a good day, the weather was also prime, and I haven't had a day that pleasantly relaxing in quite some time. Very satisfying.

On Sunday I did a test pack of all my clothes and posessions to see whether I have enough stuff to justify sending a whole cubic meter back. I don't think I have enough stuff. Especially if Phil lets me send a suitcase back with him when he visits.

My apartment is also unusually clean, due to having the girls over and preparing for the test pack. I feel like I could almost leave tomorrow. Living with your bags packed. But I'll need to unpack them again.

Today is Monday, and I only have nine weeks of classes left, inclusive. That's crazy.


At 2:51 a.m. PDT, Anonymous Lily said... may be right. not that i have any clue what we were actually hearing.

thanks again for a great weekend!

At 3:56 p.m. PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't once enough?


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