Sunday, June 04, 2006

Factors Contributing to the Mounting Insanity

1. Speech contest speeches are in, and I am in the process of fixing their English- this will consume most of my at-school free time until who knows when.
2. My apartment looks like a warzone; I'm in process trying to pack and build boxes and sort out how to mail my snowboard home. Messy room, messy mind.
3. Colin just handed me the copy for the book I am supposed to put together for him. Three weeks to a month of work and I need to sort out how I'm going to do it in two weeks or less, on software I've practically never used before. (This would be the biggest factor).
4. Something which is unfairly consuming my mental space. (But life's not fair, is it?)
5. Planning the summer vacation stuff (which now is thankfully mostly over).


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