Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm In the 'La La Stage'

Everthing is getting pushed aside. Packing, working on the book for Colin, cleaning my apartment for when everyone comes over in a week and a half, and so forth and so on. All of the things that should be pressuring me have yet to bring their true pressure to bear. It's one of the consequences of spending so much time looking waaaaay down the road months in advance. I feel like I've already been over all the stuff that's going on, spent time thinking about it, and now all that's left is to follow through, if I can be bothered. So though these next five or six weeks until June 20th promise to be really busy and full of things that need doing, they don't seem all that sad or killer intense. Just the daily business. Perhaps its all the things I need to do each day that take my eyes off of the passage of time and the approaching end. Perhaps its all the things on my dayplanner and calendar that promise there is lots to come before it's all over.
The fact that Phil is coming makes the end of my time in Japan exciting, one last trip to a bunch of places, and then one last Awa Odori.
The fact that I am going to England on the way home makes the return easier. It's not the sudden transition from interesting life abroad to sudden sameness of the life I grew up with, but instead and adventure in a Western culture I have never seen in person before.
And then beyond that, it's looking for a job, trying to save money to go to India, trying to save money for a road trip East in Canada at some point, which I've never done before. Having stuff on the horizon, having goals and plans makes everything so much more bearable for me.

I have been writing a lot lately, but it's all been just for myself, never to be seen on a blog. I haven't really worked on the Kyushu story lately, have I? I should really get that done in the next couple weeks or else it will never happen...

For the record, in the past couple weeks (since I havent been posting), I have:
- eaten at the trendy Casablanca restaurant which has that amazing urinal where you try to hit the targets
- eaten at that Korean restaurant in Komatsushima (!!!)
- seen the hotaru (fireflies) in Katsuura town
- been to the church in Hiwasa (great folks)
- seen the doctor for the annual check-up, and despite pain after jujutsu, no fractured ribs! Still waiting for my knee to feel better though.
- gotten back into the habit of spending forever talking when dropping someone off at night


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