Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Titanium Flash!

So I got my brand new usb memory stick in the mail today, which once again enables me to move stuff to and from the school computer, yay! No more borrowing floppy drives to use floppy disks! I can now move a ton of photos all at once! Hooray!

I don't know why I feel like mentioning it, but all I have been listening to for the last few weeks is Jimmy Eat World (Bleed American and Futures), Seiji Honda's piano rendition of FF7 songs, and Kevin Prosch's Kiss the Son. If you know any of those, it will tell you something of the mood I have been in for the last two or three weeks.


At 3:51 p.m. PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still listen to that mix you made me with some Jimmy Eat World tracks. I actually just listened to it yesterday or the day before even though I'm not permitted to listen to english music here! I'm acutally not even allowed to read you blog but whoops there I go again.

At 11:08 p.m. PDT, Blogger Tom said...

So it's good I brought you all those MP3s? :)

Watch out for Jimmy though, he's a keen guy but treacherous. Seems so smart sometimes but he can be so very dumb. Deceptive. That's my experience, anyhow. Word to the wise.

Anyway I'm finally caught up on your blog. Sorry it took so long. We should chat, bug me if you see me on MSN, eh?


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