Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ukraine, What the Hell?!

So there I was, all set to cheer on Ukraine, to see their road to victory. Last night was their first game, and it was against Spain. Now, I recognise that Spain is by all rights the superior team, and that in reality Ukraines hopes in general are few. But what's with all the falling down when there is nobody near them at all? What's with the general lack of trying to get the ball when it goes right past in front of you? Like really, what's the problem, Ukraine? I'm not sure if they were just diving like weiners, trying to get play stopped, or if they were cowering in fear. Yes they were slower and less agile than Spain. But that's no reason to fall over every time you touch the ball! SHEEESH!

Oh, and did anyone else think that the keeper looked like my long lost twin brother?


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