Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It would seem that I am down to a rate of posting only once a week these days. That's certainly not due to a lack of things to write, or even to a lack of time spent writing. It's just that June was a really busy month, and now July looks to be even more so. I think the deadline for my second draft of the book is going to be next week wednesday. At the same time I have three speeches to finish writing in English, and those plus two finished ones to translate into Japanese before next Tuesday. Tonight I have an Eikaiwa class, tomorrow night I have what will probably be the last dinner and karaoke in Anan city with Jonny Lawless et al. Saturday is the JET goodbye party at a camp down south, and I'm going surfing with Colin in the morning. Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, though of course the Sabbath really was the Saturday until Constantine decided to change it. At least next week I am taking Tuesday off to sort out some stuff with my car, which should give me some extra time, if a little too late.
Which reminds me, I still have a bunch of phone calls to make about that...

In the last week I have
said my goodbyes to the Nursery School kids
gone kayaking on the sea in two different boats
eaten a nasty fish dinner
gotten a haircut
taken my belt to the embroiderers
bought a new swimsuit (desperately needed, first one Ive bought since like grade 12)
bought a rash guard (mostly for jujutsu, but also good for surfing!)
said goodbye to my friend Kris

On Monday our school went on a field trip to see the movie "baruto no gakuen" which could be translated as "The musical paradise of moustache" and was about WW1 german POWs in a Tokushima prison camp. Then we went to go see the location and set where it was filmed. And after that we went to the "German House" in the area. I played a japanese word game with a few of the students all the way there and all the way back and on all the trips inbetween places.
The best story of the day was how one of my favorite shirts was ruined. Your favourite shirt is always going to get ruined or lost sometime, but rarely by having an overweight swordsman spewing a mouthful of spicy korean food across the table and getting it all over you and the math teacher sitting next to you. It was pretty funny. And very surprising. And just a little bit gross.


At 4:12 p.m. PDT, Blogger Tom said...


Are you going to show us your haircut, or is it going to be a surprise??


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