Saturday, August 19, 2006

Better rested now.

Here I am in Nottingham, London, after a comfortable but long day of sitting and standing.

I did walk to the subway and then stood on the subway with my suitcase, computer bag, and snowboard. Then I sat on the bus from Umeda station to the airport (about an hour) and then stood in line for check-in.

Then I sat while they urgently tried to get me a visa to China. Then I sat while they gave up on China and tried to sort out a solution for me and bought me a new ticket to England. Then I stood in several different lines in the process of going through immigration et cetera.

My flight to London was twelve pleasant hours of sitting and reading and watching movies on my private tv screen. I love the new planes JAL has! And being a fit young guy willing to help out in the case of an emergency, I was able to score a seat by an emergency exit, which is nice when your legs are as long as mine are.

Then when I got into Heathrow I called Dan and he said they'd be happy to come pick me up if I was willing to wait. He'd wait for Natalie to come home, then they'd have some dinner and set out to get me. Which translated to five hours' wait. So I happily sat down and continued to read my book.

So precisely 24 hours and 5 minutes after I had woken up in Osaka that morning, Dan and Natalie found me at the airport. And then four hours later (we stopped for a bite to eat for an hour) I was comfortably in bed.

And here I am in Nottingham.


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