Sunday, August 20, 2006

Everyone Loves Robin Hood

Matt Hood, originally uploaded by irodoramatic burnorama.

I haver arrived safely in Nottingham. Yesterday we set out to check out the downtown, which is a massive collection of not office buildings but small shops and stores; lots of shopping. It reminded me of America-mura in Osaka, or Harajuku in Tokyo, or perhaps a theme park, because there were so many people amongst the many shops, and it all seemed so foreign and just impossible to be real. Where were all the Japanese people? It's really very strange.
We also swung by Nottingham castle grounds, and I sat on Robin Hood. He's so strong and cool! Arms like bronze, I tell you.

Oops, I think we'll be heading off to church soon. When was the last time I went to church in the morning instead of the evening? I don't actually recall.


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