Thursday, August 10, 2006

Visible Finish Line

I am now down to just one week left in Japan.

And this last week has been one of the most relaxing weeks I have had in the last three years. I tied up most of the really important loose ends before I moved out of my apartment on the second, and though the place I'm staying is really something else, i've been able to properly relax and enjoy the summer weather. I don't even need to show up at school! I just do what I want. So my rhythm has become something like
wake up between nine and eleven
email julie from my cell phone
eat some bread etc for breakfast
lie naked on the roof suntanning
go for a swim in the river to cool down (not naked)
eat lunch at the cafe with the beautiful view
do some errands or something in the afternoon, maybe come to school to check a little email
read a book/watch movies/go out at night.

So very relaxing.

And I do feel like ive earned it. All that preparation and running around making myself insane while also making a book and trying to see the girl I love as much as possible. So now I get to just chill out, think, relax, listen to music, and generally recover from the tyranny of the urgent which I so easily succumb to.

I should probably write something about all the awesome fun stuff I did with phil, and how it sucks to be so far away from Julie now, but maybe I'll save all that for later.


At 7:57 a.m. PDT, Anonymous Sayaka said...

Matthew,enjoy doing Awaodori and watch it in Tokushima!!
I want you make a good mamories in Tokushima(^^) Sayaka


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