Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long Lost Update

Well my dear Julie has gotten a job working at a spa, and she starts today. On the other hand, I am still at home unemployed. Aside from working on resumes and my portfolio, and trying to update my knowledge on important software, I spent most of my free time either emailing or talking to her. But now that is not an option, so I look to fill my free time with my hobbies again, such as blogging.

I am eager about getting back into graphic design. It's such a fun profession. But now I am seeing that it was erroneous of me to never apportion time to learning web design, for that lack of knowledge threatens to hold me back now. So I need to come up with some kind of project to teach myself both Dreamweaver and Flash. I suppose an online portfolio is as good as anything? Both Dreamweaver and Flash offer 30 day free trials, so I'm thinking I need to do as much of the up-front work as possible before I download them. Which is planning and comps, I suppose.

It would be nice if I could actually design my blog as part of that, too, rather than have to use the blogger template.

hmmmm... lots to do.

Also, I have had an offer to do some freelance work. Yay! And not pro bono! Yay!
But we have yet to negotiate a price. I need to get back to them with what is fair.


Come to think of it, I haven't done absolutely nothing. I've gotten back on my bike and cycled around to some places, playes some soccer, watched a couple of movies at the theatre, played some settlers, destroyed a small island republic, and I made dinner on Monday. And somehow I've managed to screw up my body clock so that I am now having a hard time getting to sleep before two. ["Somehow" is most likely my reluctance to hang up the phone at a reasonable hour.]

And Canada? It's all the same and different. But more the same than different. Except that I can speak Japanese now.


At 7:13 a.m. PDT, Blogger Ellie said...

Hey Matt, you seem to have got off to a good start at home! nearly 7 weeks here and still no job. Deary me. Stay well, and stay busy!


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