Sunday, September 03, 2006

My mind seems ready to attempt Canada

i was so disappointed when I woke up this morning. I had been offering my brother a sausage and egg McMuffin in a green melonpan bun, and as I sat up to pass it to him, my vision cleared and I was awake and sitting not in my parents' living room, but in the spare bedroom of Dan's grandma's place in Northumberland.

In the dream I'd had a box of six egg McMuffin melonpan, and my parents had refused them on the grounds that they thought they looked disgusting. My brother, however, said, "I'll try one. Pass one here."

Before that I had been tying a Zorro cape to the power cable outside the house. Because the new Zorro movie was coming out.
"Who's in it this time?" my dad asked.
"Antonio Banderas, of course," I replied.
When I did wake up in reality, the word "Zorro-astrian" was on the tip of my tongue. Funny.
As I tied the cape to the line, I realised that it might be confused with a batman cape. Also, I realised that it wasn't a proper heavy fabric cape, but rather a cheap promotional garbage-bag-with-a-string cut into the shape of a cape. Even though I had taken the cape off of the real Banderas whom I had pulled out of the cover of a movie box or a poster, when he was posing as hard as he could, trying to be sexy. There had been music, too. But when I got him out, he was only about half life-size. And a doll.
It was very windy as I tied the cape. A voice, possibly my own, possibly that of a passerby said, "I love your cape, Zorro-man!"

Before that, I had been talking to Phil from the stairs outside my parents place, though they were like 20 feet high. I was singing a happy tune i made up on the go about how I no longer neeeded the spare power cable to use the microwave. And by power cable, I mean one coming into the house from the outside. But I electrical taped this new power cable to the outside of a larger cable already leading into the house.

Earlier in the dream I had asked Ron MacLean/Ken Peters about which bible verse was the hardest to preach on. And he gave me a reference. I looked it up and it was the one with Jesus about crayons and the end of the world. I laughed, because I could see how that would be difficult. It was pretty confusing. I also asked which line he would rather use, of the many coming to the house. He said the fat one, which was thick like the trunk of a tree, and had bark patterns, but was black like rubber, and though hard like old wood, a power cable. He said he picked it over the thin little one because it was stronger.

So then when Phil came I asked him, and he asked, "Why?" And I told him which the pastor had chosen and why. And he said, "In that case, Derek [Funk] says the thin one."
"Why the thin one?" I inquired.
"Because I didn't have time to think just now." Phil replied.


At 10:05 p.m. PDT, Blogger Tom said...

That's... that's a strange dream.


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