Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Soon and very soon

Well I'll be on my way home to canada in just a couple of days. one more day in london and then the day after tomorrow i fly home. ill be back in the evingin! \i think im ready to come home. england is so expensive. japan is so over. theres a lot to do and im ready to stop procrastinating and start doing it.

im in a hostel in london and having to pay a pound per 20 minutes!! what the hell kind of hostel charges for internet, and then on top of that charges $2 for 20 mins?! i am not pleased. it would be nice if they had wi fi or something so i could use my own computer at least. booooo-urns. oh well. ill be home soon enough and then maybe ill take the time to blog properly about all the stuff ive been up to the last few weeks. Grapevine, a massive christian conference, northumberland, castles, scotland, whiskey distillery, lake district, and on and on. \it s been fun. i have a bunch of pictures a la dan's digi cam to post. but that will come later. and now im down to just a couple of minutes left. thats whawt i get for leaving bloggin to the very end.

see y'all on the other side of the pond!


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