Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas is approaching

Well, I am still jobless, and working all the time.
I've been painting houses etc for my old boss while I wait to hear back about jobs. I suppose I should be continuing to apply, hit the streets and hand out resumes. I'm waiting to hear back on a job at the Winnipeg Sun and Nygard Clothing. The actual work itself and the designer crew at Nygard seemed pretty good, and it would be great to work again with my friend Mike who works there. He's a really hard-working guy with good ideas. But it sounds like the leadership of the company is less than ideal. The way lots of people who have had dealings with the company have been telling me, the man who established and runs the company is not a trusting delegating man. It's fascinating that his company has grown so much when he seems to micromanage and scold so much. It's like it's all focused on him personally. Not the kind of company that grows leaders. At least that's what people seem to say. But it has grown to be a pretty large and successful company nonetheless, so obviously the man has SOME leadership skills. So there could be some really good sides to it I cannot see yet. However, if the Sun is willing to hire me, I'd sooner have that job. The man who interviewed me and who would be my supervisor seemed really passionate about design, and that's something I want in a boss. And he really seemed to enjoy his job, and made it sound like his employees do too.
Both jobs are fast paced, which is something I want, so that's good.

Aside from that, it's just getting ready for christmas, and doing a ton of design work in my evenings. Perhaps I'll post something up here a little later. I keep postponing further work on my portfolio. So many things to do!

I'm now a member of the GDC, though just an associate member, not a full member yet. There is a portfolio review in January though, and I hope to pass that review and get accepted. But I haven't really done much "commercial" work, which is all they want in the portfolio. I guess it's only the stuff that has been professionally printed which I can enter. Hoo boy. It's been a while since anything I've done and been really proud of has been professionally printed. But we'll see how things go. If I don't get in this time, they will at least give me a ton of tips and tell me what to work on in my portfolio for the next time, and for someone not in school anymore, that kind of feedback is priceless.

The snow has been nice as well as a big adjustment. It really has been years since living with snow and cold has been part of my life. But I'm getting used to it again I think. As long as it stays around -10 and 20 km/h winds I'm pretty happy.

Also this whole being in love thing is something else, isn't it? I'm not sure I ever have been before. It's like nothing else. I'm falling more in love with Julie all the time.

Oh, I have so much growth to do. Mentally, emotionally, in responsibility and self-discipline, and especially spiritually. The need to keep growing never really ends, does it? You've just got to keep on learning and rolling with the punches. Take your time.


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