Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Did it help that I was wearing a suit?

On the way to drop off resumes this morning, I had something embarrassing happen. I was sitting on the bus at the very back left corner, and in the middle seat was a girl who looked like she'd had a bit of a bad morning. As we neared my stop, I started to get up and pick up my portfolio, umbrella, and bag. As I was trying to pass this girl, the bus lurched and I fell backwards! I stuck out my hand backwards to try to steady myself against the back so I didn't fall on top of her. However, as I shot my hand out backwards, I elbowed her solidly in the middle of her forehead! Her head snapped back as I touched the back wall to steady myself. I apologized profusely and rushed off the bus. I felt so bad! And I felt worse because afterwards I smirked every time I thought about it! She must be having a bad day of sitcom proportions! Oh dear.

On the bus home, I had another embarrassing encounter! The bus was PACKED with people on their way home from work. I was standing right in front of this Japanese couple who were sitting down. I was evesdropping on their conversation in Japanese. At some point, I felt a huge fart coming, but couldn't bear to subject all the people on the bus to that, and didn't want to embarrass myself. But it silently sneaked its way out anyhow! But at least the bus was packed and nobody would know it was me, right? Then one of the two Japanese people said (in Japanese), "Man, that stinks!" And the other replied, "Yeah it really stinks. I think it was him." And the first subtly pointed at me as he asked, "This guy?" And the other confirmed, "Yeah." And then they both said again, "Man, that stinks." and "It really stinks."

Did it help that I was wearing a suit?

I don't think so.


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