Monday, February 19, 2007

Faith Challenge

I think it must be a principle that any time we take a step in faith, that we act in faith, there must be a challenge that hits right to the core and tests the faith used to step out. I came out here to BC in faith that it was God's timing, and the right thing. And being here I am more sure of that than ever. It feels right in more ways than I am capable of describing. And I believe that God has a job here for me, too. A place where I will work hard, learn a lot, and make a difference. The challenge is finding it. And it's a process. But right now I am finding myself colliding with challenges that are testing my faith, that bring me to a point where I am asked, "Will you continue to have faith despite this difficulty? Will you belive God in this, too?"

And by His grace, I can say heartily, "Yes!"


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