Thursday, March 29, 2007

New website.

I've been taking an xhtml/css course, and the website is starting to become something. I should think about getting a domain name better than the one that we have with telus, but that can come later. For the moment the hard work is poured into making the site itself. But if you google me, it still doesn't come up. Since the biggest reason for the site is as a vehicle for my portfolio, I need people to be able to google me and find it. So I'm linking to it from everywhere I can, and I'd appreciate if you would too. Thanks!

Matthew's Portfolio

<Oops! I'd used a colon instead of an equals sign in the link. It should work now.—Matthew 2007.03.31>


At 1:23 p.m. PDT, Anonymous Heather said...

This link doesn't work for me... is it just me?

At 8:02 a.m. PDT, Blogger christine said...

It's not working for me either.

At 7:52 a.m. PDT, Blogger Bravemonkey said...

Hey Matt...

Is the picture of the chickens (er, I assume that's what they are) supposed to be upside-down?


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