Saturday, March 10, 2007

Web Class

Well, there's all sorts of fun stuff to talk about that happened this week, including a couple of days doing some freelance identity work for one of the design studios in the city, and a meeting with the President. It's been a very encouraging week. Now I have lots to do for next week—on the president's advice I'll be first bandaging and then reworking my portfolio. Revise revise revise! This will be the third major revision of my portfolio in about as many months, but you don't make something great without putting in the sweat. And the better my portfolio is, the higher my chances of landing a really sweet job. It's very exciting being out here. There are a lot of fantastic studios.

One thing that's been really encouraging has been realising that I come from a city that really has quite a good design scene despite its relatively small size. If you don't know some of the amazing stuff Winnipeg has to offer, try Neuhaus, Spacecadet, Circle, Bounce, or Guppy, just to name a few.

And now I'm also taking a web class to get all my skills in order, to fill in that gap in my ability. I should have started this a long time ago. It's really not all that hard—it's just another language, and one closer to english than Japanese is, and it's a design exercise. Why did I wait so long to get into it? Web design can be fun! I think it was just that streak in me that dislikes being associated with what's popular. Funny thing for a designer, eh? But it's fine if my client is associated with the popular. Learn learn learn, we continue to learn. It's been a great week/month/six months/year for that.


At 7:27 a.m. PDT, Blogger Smitha said...

The thing I really like about web design is that it isn't JUST design--it's all about merging technology and art and graphic design and making something that the user can work well with while making it striking and not too hard to load up either. It kind of seems like a fad--it's how I got into design--but good web design is a lot harder than it seems. Good luck with your class!


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