Wednesday, April 18, 2007 and being under the weather

I have now officially registered my first domain name, and it's quite a good grab at that. is up and running, and ever nearing a more complete and clean look. I still need to sort out just how to do the Internet Explorer hacks, but it's coming along.

The last three days have been pretty rough. I made a major push last week to get a lot of things done by the end of the week, especially the web page. I worked 18 hours on Friday, and was starting to feel sick even then. On Saturday the sickness was sinking its claws into my flesh, and I could see it would get worse before it got better.

But running a fever didn't prevent me from playing soccer for two hours on Sunday. That may have been a bad idea, since I was destroyed on Monday morning with a high fever and difficulty staying conscious. Nonetheless, that did not keep me from participating in Austin's stag. This was not a drinking stag, by the way.

We kidnapped Leah and made Austin follow clue to clue to clue through a gauntlet of eggings, water balloonings, shaving creamings, and being hosed down, and he got to rescue his fiancee at the end. He had a lot of fun.
Following that was two hours of volleyball, and then a massive barbeque at his parents' place, his mom and sisters having vacated the premises for that night.

It was good. But I was extra crispy the next morning. I had tried to keep myself well hydrated through the volleyball, and then again after, but man was it rough. The sickness entrenched in me keeps me from sleeping well, but it is slowly letting go of its hold.


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