Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting Married!

Hello Dearest Everyone,

It has been a long long time since I have done anything to this blog. Life has been busy enough without trying to blog about it. There have surely been more than enough interesting things that would engage and enrapture every reader who should chance upon this blog, but I have scarce had time to write those incidents down, let alone write them well or humourously.

Nonetheless, I should mention that there are changes afoot in my life that threaten to alter the neon-spotted fabric of my lifestyle. I am getting married! Not only is a wedding of epically casual proportions going to happen, it is going relax its way along in Hawaii at the beginning of May.

I am fully joining the ranks of the middle class this year. Not only shall I wed, but I have been granted my first really real job. While other jobs consumed my time and life as factually and monetarily as this one, this job is unique in providing my first full paid employ in my chosen career of graphic design.

Things to watch out for in the coming year include are: the website for the wedding, some real work to be done establishing my proper website at shettler.com, and a raging water buffalo charging down the street for that. Watch out for the wedding site in the next month or so, and for the shettler.com update sometime in the summer, and that water buffalo, well I'm not telling you. You'll just have to keep your eyes open.


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